Only by working together can we succeed!

SenhoRita Tours Team

SenhoRita Tours team consists of experienced professionals.

We are here for you at SenhoRita Tours.

Although we may have different interests and lifestyles, everyone here at SenhoRita Tours team has one thing in common:

We love our life! We love sun, we love sand, and we love the ocean.

Happiness is only real when shared, that’s why we are here to share with you our happiness and to celebrate together a healthy colourful and meaningful life.

We are exploring the world out there and our inner beings. And now we can get together and share our experience with you.

Rita Semak


Rita Neves


Sara Vuckovic


Aija Morica


Klara Kubinska


Paulina Tavares

Paulina Tavares

Cristina Valente

Cristina Valente

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