When the dream comes true

When the dream comes true

When the dream comes true

More and more I’m falling in love with gorgeous Portugal, and beautiful Ericeira stole my heart already after my first visit there 6 month ago. With my terrible character I was totally satisfied with all service provided by SenhoRita Tours and EcoSound team. I would describe this team with two phrases: “no stress” and “we respect your privacy”.

Ericeira Eco Holidays

Surf… This is a small, private surf camp with a lot of fun and new emotions. I’ve totally enjoyed professional surf lessons with really patient surf instructors. They will not let you to “give up” and will find the right technique just for you to surf your best way with smile on the face and to enjoy the process.


Yoga… hmm… It was interesting to stretch all my muscles on fresh air close to the water while listening to the nature and noisy frog sounds from the eco pool and to sunbath my nose at the same time. 😀But I’ve survived only one yoga lesson and understood that I’m totally hopeless and can’t stay still more than 15 min. Yoga is just not for me, I prefer gym. And instead of the next yoga lessons I took relaxing massage in the massage studio and got out from there calm and fresh.


Tours… one day trip around Sintra castles and to the amazing, adorable Cabo da Roca filled my mind with a lot of historical facts about weird Portuguese royalty. But I’ve reserved a special place for Cabo da Roca in my heart. I was there twice already and will go again. The view is incredible!


Food and wine… uff, after all the activities on the fresh air we enjoyed super tasty dinners with wine. Food is fresh and good cooked. By the way I’ve tried best sushi ever in a restaurant with ocean view, which is located a little bit out of Ericeira. My compliments to the chef! Wow!

 food ericeira

And wine… what can I say about wine?! This is Portugal, baby! Enjoy thousands of different tastes of wine, and choose your favorite.

Travel… I’ve stayed during two more days after the surf camp and I didn’t lose the opportunity to rent a car and to take a small trip to Lisbon, where I’ve managed to visit one very special for me place: Skydive Europe.

Lisbon is a city of contrasts for me, but I did enjoy it. Everyone is smiling there, so I did the same.


I liked Portuguese culture and mentality, open minded and explosive characters and always friendly people. This is what I’m going to miss in my country.


The skydiving… I didn’t even expect that everything will be done in such a professional and interesting way. Guys were so friendly and funny that I had no time to be afraid or to fall into the panic before the jump. Respect and kisses to camera-flyer and my angel Joao Lopes.

By the way I didn’t skip one day of the surf lessons, I took more in the evening after the skydiving, so that dayI had a full spectrum of emotions.


Stop thinking – go to Portugal, go to Ericeira and you will never regret it (only if you are not boring nerd of course, but even you can find something interesting for you in Portugal, as there is one of the eldest libraries in Mafra, close to Ericeira) 🙂

Thank you SenhoRita Tours, I’ve discovered new world for myself. Enjoy your life…


Written by Marina Orupe

Photo credit: Rita Neves & Marina Orupe

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