You live only once

You live only once

You live only once

Did you ever ask yourself if the decision you took in your life is the right one? What if …?

What this article has to do with surfing, yoga and healthy life? Well, I guess that’s the most common question specially when you are traveling for a long time. And this question is constantly in my mind.

I woke up this morning in kind of strange mood; my mind was swinging like a Jo-Jo, shifting from one point to another. Oh, first I have to tell you I left North Island (New Zealand) week ago, ‘cause decided to spend winter in a cold and snowy place, and keep myself warm with mulled wine and hot chocolate with marshmallows. So I left sweet cosy base and start traveling. After nice two months being a backpacker again, sleeping in the car, living totally uncommitted to anything or anyone, hitchhiking, meeting local people, enjoying the best food and looking for the best spot to go for surfing, I decided to find a new base and started to look for new kiwi experience. But where to go?
So I took the bus from Auckland to Wellington, caught a ferry to Picot and bus to Blenheim, train to Christchurch and bus again all the way down to Queenstown – winter mecca, apparently.

I have to say I’m really bad with taking decision. I felt like I have to clear my mind and hike on the top of the Queenstown Hill. Surrounded with the mountains, breathing fresh air of alpine wonderland, enjoying the best scenery ever but I didn’t really feel like having the best time of my life. And why is it so? I`ve learned so far that our mind has too much power over our life. We could have everything but the mind is trying to trick us and to tell that we need more, what we’ve got isn’t enough. We are never satisfied with what we’ve got. So, I am in the nicest place at the moment, but can`t appreciate it because I want to be somewhere else. And then I realized I don’t really enjoy the winter and I miss summer, sandy beaches, long days and lemonade. I guess I will move back to North Island again and will leave this place just for visits.

Conclusion I’ve made on the top of the hill is: I have this privilege to be here and to visit all those nature wonders I`ve always dreamed about. And now when I can enjoy it, I`m not 100% here in the present moment. I realized that first of all you have to find a peace within yourself, you have to be honest with yourself and keep on moving in the direction you choose and it doesn`t matter which one, – if you listen to your inner voice you can`t be wrong. Sometimes I find myself in really hard situation, especially when I have to decide if it’s better to go somewhere else and where or if it’s better to stay where I am.

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And all these interesting people you meet on your way. Everyone has his own story, plan, idea.. And at the end, we are all wondering around like lost souls, looking for a company so we don’t feel alone. Does it make any sense? What I actually want to say is how important it is to feel good in your own skin, to feel that you can trust yourself and to be able to listen to your inner voice. Trust me, we still have high level of intuition, we just have to nurture it well. And yoga does help.

Finally I reached the highest point of the hill and took a deep breath. I was alone but surrounded by amazing nature. I was alone but not lonely. Just before I’ve started hiking up the hill I was asking myself, what I should do… there are so many paths and direction in life which we can undertake. And at the end everyone was asking in his life at least once if he made the right decision? Well, what is the right or wrong? No-one can know. But if you are honest with yourself you can’t be wrong.

So don`t be afraid to make the decisions, you live only once! If you are not going to do it now, you are probably not going to do it ever.

After all, I’ve reached the top of the hill and had this opportunity to see Queenstown from the top. So, at least this morning I’ve made a right decision.

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Written by Sara Vuckovic

Photo credit: Sara Vuckovic

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