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Boutique Accompanied Surf & Yoga camps Portugal – this is SenhoRita Tours!

About Us

Who we are

SenhoRita Tours was born from the love of life, ocean, salty hair, sun kissed skin and freedom. As a result of 7 long years of dreaming, working, learning, traveling and surfing.

Why did we start this project

We want you to enjoy a carefree holiday and to gain experiences, memories and friendships which will endure long after the holiday is over.

It’s time to make YOUR dream come true: to learn surfing in different conditions, to live new adventures, to discover new surf spots and to make new friends.

What do we do

We are offering some of the best Surf & Yoga camps in Portugal, Europe. It is so important to us to give you a unique experience, which we hope you will enjoy.

How to join

Join our tours all year round, individually, as a couple or in group.  All you need to do is contact us and book your surf holidays!

So decide to learn to surf and open up a whole new way of life for you! Because fun, sun, waves, tropical rains, new friends, unexpected and undiscovered is waiting for you!

Whether you are new to surfing or returning old friends, everyone is very welcome!

SenhoRita Tours
Organizing surf trips & camps since 2006