Klara Kubinska

Jogging and Fitness Instructor

Klara Kubinska

Name: Klara Kubinska

Professional occupation:  ORGANIC Food Delivery Company

Born: 15/08/1983

Resides in: UK, Czech

Life’s philosophy:  Don’t worry, be happy… Smile, laugh and think positive

Practicing kettlebell/fitness since:

2008 – I started to jog, as well as weight lifting and dance fit

Since 2009 I’ve been taking strength training more seriously

In 2010-2011 I’ve obtained certifications in Tae Kwon-Do and Korean Kickboxing and began Zumba fitness. I’ve attended four zumbathons (charity events) and demonstrated Zumba to large crowds

In 2012 I’ve completed the Race for Life on the Isle of Wight

For the past 2 years I’ve been doing Crossfit and Insanity together with Strength Training

I’m also enjoying snowboarding – still as a beginner

Places I’ve been – Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Holland, Belgium, France, Slovakia, Germany

Food & Drink preferences – Organic food, coffee, fruit&veg smoothies, coffee, cheese, coffee, wine, coffee and… coffee

Favourite spot: everywhere where I can do workout – indoor/outdoor, Coffee shop

Free time: in the gym, visiting friends, reading books (nutrition, training)

Inspirations: people who have achieved their goals through hard work and determination (who never gave up)