Sara Vuckovic

Freelance Health, Yoga and Travel blogger


Name: Sara Vuckovic

Professional occupation: Archaeologist

Born: April 29, 1985 in Slovenia

Resides in: New Zealand

Life’s philosophy: “In distant travels you learn about yourself” (Yogi tea bag wisdom)

Practicing Yoga since: 2010 on the regular basis including workshops and classes around my hometown Ljubljana as well as everywhere I go

Favourite place for yoga practice: Seaside, outside in general

Surfing since: 2013

Food Preference: Vegetarian (no meat, fish or sea food) following the principles of Ayurveda

Places I’ve been: Europe (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Balkan area, Poland, Austria, Germany, Greece, and Turkey), Tunisia, Central America (Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize), Asia (Thailand, Cambodia), India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand

Freetime: Reading; writing a blog; traveling; exploring; cooking, baking and learning about nutrition; learning; web designing; trekking; surfing

Inspirations: Early morning birds, first sunlight, music, laughing with my friends, long conversations and stories of my relatives, lying under a canopy of trees, sound of the ocean, sitting by the sea with a glass of ice tea; being yourself and doing everything with love!