Autumn Surf Holidays in Portugal

Autumn Surf Holidays in Portugal

Autumn Surf Holidays in Portugal

Surf Holidays in Portugal

Every year we are waiting for summer, but summer is always too short. Therefore we are inviting you to prolong your summer with Surf holiday in Portugal.

Portugal is a year round destination for Surf holidays because country has a coastline with many brilliant surfing spots and waves are for every taste, from beginners to pros.

Autumn surf holidays is a new popular way how to escape rainy days and Portugal is probably one of the best surf destinations in Europe.

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SenhoRita Tours boutique accompanied Surf & Yoga camps

These accompanied Surf & Yoga camps are led by me, Rita Semak, founder of SenhoRita Tours.

I have over 10 years experience of running Surf and Yoga camps in Portugal. I am passionate about what I am doing and will make sure you are enjoying your carefree holiday.

During the camp you will gain experiences, memories and friendships which will endure long after the holiday is over.

This Autumn camp’s program is very promising: 10 days packed full with surfing, yoga, Stande Up Paddle and sightseeing trips.

Have a quick look here:

Surf Holidays in Portugal

We will stay in Lagos and in addition to camp’s program, after a day at sea, the good vibes will continue on shore. Almost always there’s a party, a festival, a bar or a nightclub to provide unending fun every night.

Come and enjoy!


Written by Rita Semak

Photo credit: Rita Neves

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