Get fit for surfing with kettlebells!

Get fit for surfing with kettlebells!

Get fit for surfing with kettlebells!

Did you make New Year’s resolution to get fit for surfing this year?

And do you know how to start working out if you don’t know what you are supposed to do?

In 2015 we are offering you to join our Surf & Fitness camp, where we will show you how and why you should practice kettlebells.

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Never heard of it?

Here is some useful information:

Kettlebells are iron cast weights shaped like canon balls with a handle used to perform ballistic and grind exercises, combining aerobical and anaerobical work.

Originating in Russia and dating as far back as the 18th century, they have recently become popular in the fitness industry of the western world.

Getting popular due to its effectiveness in increasing strength, mobility and endurance in a short amount of time, they can range from 6Kg to over 90Kg. Kettlebells are traditionally measured in poods, which is an old Russian measure unit and 1 pood equals to 16Kg.


3 Simple Reasons why you will want to pick up a Kettlebell this Year!


Full Body Training

Different to the conventional muscle isolation training, Kettlebells allow you to train multiple muscle groups all in one session. Different parts of the body work as one unit to maximise the benefits, which result in less time at the gym.

Because it’s a free weight that remains off centred and in constant move, the centre of gravity keeps changing forcing your body to keep in full tension to control the bell, a major advantage in terms of calorie burning when comparing it to other tools.


Versatility and Effectiveness

One piece equipment, easily stored and with which you can perform unique and numerous exercises.  There are thousands of drills available, tailored to specific needs and goals, with many others in development that can only be limited due to lack of knowledge and creativity.

If you commit, results can be felt and seen in just a few weeks, making them highly effective.


Fit for purpose

The focus of physical exercise is highly connected to our physical appearance and the health benefits that are seen, seems to be something that conveniently comes along with efforts made to look good. The benefits of Kettlebell training get transported into the real world as it teaches you to adapt your moves to specific situations, making you feel better, physically as well as mentally, making you feel resilient, increasing your resistance to injury and helping with recovery. No other tool creates such unique strength, mobility and range of motion. It releases the athlete trapped inside you.

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How to get started


Even if your intention it’s to train on your own, either at home or outdoors, always seek the help of a certified instructor first. Kettlebell exercises are different to conventional strength training. It is simple but not easy to learn on your own. But do not let this put you off as once you get the grove, you are on your way to master the technique and reap the rewards.


Your first session can be challenging, be prepared and be humble, even if you have a high fitness level. Even the lightest Kettlebell in the room, must be respected. From stupid mistakes and bad habits, comes stupid and totally avoidable injuries.

Men can start with a kettlebell that weighs between 12-20Kgs, while women tend to begin with a 8-16Kg kettlebell, depending on their current fitness level. Although a lighter weight is acceptable while you get familiar with the moves and technique, move to heavier weights once you get familiar as your muscles will start to engage better. You will also start to feel faster results.


Choose a good kettlebell, one that feels comfortable. If possible, try before you buy. I totally recommend to go for an “Iron Cast” Kettlebell and if it looks too fancy, it should probably be called something else.


Written by Cristina Valente, HKC, SGF I


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