Femi Pleasure Surf Camp Portugal 2013 Report

Femi Pleasure Surf Camp Portugal 2013 Report

Femi Pleasure Surf Camp Portugal 2013 Report

I’ve just returned home from the Femi Pleasure surf camp in Ericeira, Portugal.

Whilst drinking a tea, I am putting together photos and memories from the trip to show my friends how great time we had back there. One week of pure nature, good company, great teachers, nice and really hospitable people of Ericeira, great waves and surfing of course.

But let me start from the beginning. Already in March i found out there is a surf camp scheduled for June. As soon as I’ve seen the post on Facebook I decided to write and  “fight for the place”. I didn’t want to stay empty handed because I had a really great wish for so long. So I sent an email with application and wait. Four months to go! I was already excited and just couldn’t wait until June.

But that day came. Actually I decided to go few days before so I could adjust a bit and spend some time in Lisbon which is supposed to be cute city with good vibes! And so it was. Had the best time ever!


Just before I came to Ericeira from lovely city of Lisbon I was a bit nervous – didn’t know what to expect. This was my first time trying to stand up on the board and surf. Yes, I am a beginner.  I was traveling in past few years, seen quite a lot of places and surfing spots, but this time was different. Surfing was something I was dreaming about for a few years. I’ve spent already so much time on different beaches, trying to figure out how surfers are catching the waves … and it seemed so easy and smooth! I was really looking forward to do it myself.


I arrived in the afternoon. Well, so what can I do now? Just go and try to find the place I thought. And as soon as I have entered, an amazing view brought smile in my face. What an oasis in the middle of the town on Ericeira. This can`t be true I thought! It was like in a magazine! But this time was for real. Nice wooden cottages, swimming pool like a pond with frogs and lotus flowers all around, vegetable garden, bar, tables made out of used surfboards … I just couldn’t stop staring!


There was a group of six, and it already seemed that we would have private hours of yoga and surfing lessons. Schedule was like that: waking up and having yoga, breakfast, surfing lesson with the instructors, practicing after it or just trying to catch a little bit of a sun and having fun at the evenings and sleeping a lot.


Yoga classes were held by two instructors who worked with us to warm up, stretch and practice asanas to bring the balance in the body and mind. Although I am practicing yoga for a couple of years already, I have learned so many things. How important is to start feeling your body and to get the connection with the ground, which will be your surfboard later. Yoga class was a bit different from the other classes I was used to do, but I liked it so much – it was tailored to improve our surfing.


Really nice and healthy breakfasts kept us standing. I think the good food goes really along with the surfing. So they tried to do their best to keep our bodies and minds healthy and fresh. After the breakfast we jumped into the van and were taken to the beautiful beach of Foz do Lizandro. What a great atmosphere! People walking around with the surfboards, hanging out and talking about experiences, making friendships etc…  And the surfing lessons? Every day we started with the warm-up on the sand, theory and safety rules, then we surfed and had fun all day long!



Just before our ways split and we went home, Rita made a really nice proposal to spend the last evening together in some nice restaurant. So we decided to go for a sushi. Then she announced there was prepared a surprise. We just couldn’t believe … she was carrying a Femi Pleasure gift bag with three pieces of their lovely clothes: hoodie, t-shirt and pants. We had to write down our names and the waiter had to pick up the piece of paper with one girl`s name. Well, I have to say I was so amazed when I realized that I am that lucky girl 😉 Right, Femi really makes everything with pleasure and love!



This was a place where nothing matters – if you fell down, you just tried to stand up again; if you missed the wave, you would catch another one; you could watch the others and try to get the best of it. There is no place for being competitive … there is just you and the ocean. Really simple, but perfect. And if you are searching for holidays where you can feel really connected with the nature and leave all problems somewhere behind, then this Femi Pleasure surf camp is the best way to relax and learn something new.


During this week I met so many really nice people, learned quite a lot about surfers’ lifestyle, heard so many stories, seen a lot of really nice places, visited cute bars and got to know cosy small fishing village of Ericeira. And I think after this camp I will continue with the surfing. And like one of my friends said: “And don´t forget … surfing changes our life’s and the way how we understand the life and the nature!”

Written by Sara Vuckovic

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